Homeschool Curriculum

Congratulations on looking for an alternative method for training up your children! To homeschool your child is to give them the greatest gift imaginable.

This site is dedicated to providing all the resources you need to properly educate your child. Our directory lists both new and used homeschool curriculum, homeschool worksheets, homeschool testing supplies and anything you could possibly need to teach your child anything you want them to know.

You decide the curriculum, you decide the hours, you give your children direct attention and go at their pace. That's beauty of homeschooling. Instead of the government choosing what your kids will grow up thinking, you decide what's best for your kids.

Many people homeschool by "Grade X" methodology. That is, that there is no specific "Grade" that your child has to be in. You move through material as quickly or as slowly as your child feels comfortable. Below, I've categorized our selection of homeschool materials by grade. Pick up some material and go through it with your child if it seems to advanced, put it aside and purchase some items from a lower grade. If it's too simple, save it for a younger child in your family and purchase something more advanced.

Remember, it's not necessary to go through standard school years. If your child breezes through 2nd grade curriculum in 2 months, move on to more advanced materials. 

Homeschool Books by Grade

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